ABI Gruppe News 2021

The latest issue of ABI Gruppe News is now available with some fantastic content.

There’s an in-depth case study (P4) on the UK’s smart motorway upgrade infrastructure project.   A wide variety of ABI Mobilrams were used on these projects including the TM22, TM20, TM17, TM14/17VSL, TM14/17V and TM13.  The rigs have been used for the installation of steel sheet piles with the work being carried out alongside live motorways.

Also in this issue is a report on ABI Gruppe’s expansion of the factory in Niedernberg, Germany, including the development of a new welding shop and additional factory hall with a production area of approximately 2500m.  The steel sheet piling required to sure up the foundations was of course installed using some of the company’s own fleet of Mobilrams.  This development work meant that many of the head office staff were able to see the ABI rigs being used first hand, right on their doorstep.

This edition leads with an informative article explaining the benefits of the new MRZV 16VV vibrator.  With 16 kgm of maximum static moment it is well suited to processes that need greater mechanical loads, for example stone columns or other types of full displacement work.

To view the pdf file for the current edition of ABI Gruppe News please click on the issue cover, or you can request a hard copy by calling 01604 586960. Previous issues can also be viewed on this website in our News Archive.