ABI Drilling Attachments

As well as drilling and piling rigs, ABI also manufacture various attachments suitable for different ground work applications.

You can read more about the equipment produced by ABI and it’s uses here in the ABI Systems brochure.


ABI Auger Drive MDBA


Auger Drive MDBA

The auger drive MDBA is suitable for most kinds of drilling works e.g. ground release drilling, foundation piles and well drilling. Equipped with a hollow stem which allows for concrete to pass through it makes it suitable for the installation of CFA piles as well as part and full displacement piles.

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ABI Auger Drive TMBA


Twinmix Auger Drive TMBA

This auger drive is used for highly productive soil mixing applications.

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ABI Double Head System VDW


Double Auger Head VDW

The double auger head system is used for VDW single piles, secant pile walls and contiguous pile walls. The design of the head allows the piles to be right on the border or walls of the adjacent property, maximising the usable area for development. This feature is especially useful in inner cities with high property prices and a great desire for underground parking space. Secant walls are straight and have a smooth finish with no gaps so they can be used as underground walls in parking structures.

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 ABI EMA RDV Casing Twister


RDV Casing Twisters

This is another add-on attachment to the excavator for auger drives for cased drilling. With the cased twister, cased drillings for a pipe diameter up to 820mm can be installed.

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Case Studies

Below are a selection of job reports for previous projects using ABI drilling equipment:

Basement excavation, Richmond

Road widening, Heads of Valley, South Wales

Need any advice?

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