ABI Excavator Mounted Attachments

ABI Equipment Limited sell and hire a range of excavator machinery attachments which are used when extra reach is required or in confined areas. Useful when drilling or driving piles and needing to reach over walls that do not have lower access, or inside existing buildings.

You can read more about the equipment produced by ABI and it’s uses here in the ABI Systems brochure.


 ABI EMA HVR45 Vibrator


HVR Excavator Mounted Vibrators

The HVR vibratory pile drivers/extractors combine high frequency vibration and excavator crowd/extract forces to deliver impressive driving and extracting capabilities. The HVR vibrator is installed onto the dipper stick boom of a hydraulic excavator and powered by its hydraulic system.

Their key benefits are their very short starting and stopping time, their high revolutions, their low noise levels and their low weight and high centrifugal forces.

A special attraction is their low height which enables the vibrators to be especially useful when piling inside buildings, under bridges and under power lines.

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ABI EMA BA Auger Drive


Excavator Mounted Auger Drives BA/DBA

The ABI excavator mounted auger can be mounted to all common hydraulic excavators as well as mini excavators. The auger drive can be used for CFA piles, ground release drilling, injection and soil improvement for foundations.

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 ABI EMA RDV Casing Twister


RDV Casing Twisters

This is another add-on attachment to the excavator for auger drives for cased drilling. With the cased twister, cased drillings for a pipe diameter up to 820mm can be installed.

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The GeoDrill is an excavator mounted drilling attachment which is a versatile drilling tool especially designed for working under limited headroom conditions and for long / high reach requirements.

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