Excavator Mounted Attachments

ABI Equipment Limited sell and hire a range of excavator mounted attachments which are used when extra reach is required when drilling or driving piles. This may be for reaching over a wall that does not have lower access, or in a confined area, such as inside a building.


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ABI Excavator Attachments

ABI manufacture a wide variety of excavator mounted vibrators (the HVR range) and excavator mounted auger drives (the BA/DBA range). These attachments are plumbed into the excavator’s hydraulic system and controlled by the operator. They offer compact, cost effective piling solutions based around a broad range of standard excavators. The excavator mounted vibrators produce powerful high frequency pile vibrations which, when combined with the pull/crowd forces generated by the excavator, deliver the pile driving/extracting capability of much larger crane suspended vibrators.  This equipment can be ideal for smaller projects or where there is restricted access/headroom – for example, under bridges or power lines and inside buildings.

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