ABI Mobilram Rigs


The Mobilram system is suited for numerous foundation applications, and most especially sheet piling applications. The heart of the system is a slewable and, in all directions, inclinable telescopic or fixed leader mast mounted on a special carrier. The leader mast serves as guidance for the attachments and is available with a useable length up to 25 metres.

The Mobilram leader mast serves as a guidance for a wide range of attachments. These can be mounted quickly and safely through the rapid change device or the state of the art Rapid Docking System. Available attachments for the Mobilram include vibrators, auger drives, the double auger head VDW system, the Hydropress and Delmag diesel hammers.

You can read more about the equipment produced by ABI and it’s uses here in the ABI Systems brochure.




Telescopic Leader Masts

Highly versatile, compact and powerful. These leader mast systems offer a broad range of sheet piling applications (driven and drilling) with compact foot-prints, quick mob and de-mob times, and ease of site access.

Click to see the full range of Mobilram Telescopic Leader Masts and view the technical specifications for each model.

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Fixed Leader Masts

Mobilram fixed leader masts provide higher lateral and torsional mast stiffness. This permits the use of higher working loads and the delivery of greater torques and crowd/pull forces. These allow the user to combine the traditional benefits of an ABI Mobilram with an increased drilling capability.

Click to see the full range of Mobilram Fixed Leader Masts and view the technical specifications for each model.

Technical Data

Case Studies

Below are a selection of job reports for previous projects using ABI Mobilram equipment:

Quay wall construction, Poole Harbour

Road widening, Heads of Valley, South Wales

Investigative Probing, O2 Arena, London

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