Delmag Driving Attachments

Delmag manufacture a range of diesel impact hammers and various types of lead systems, that can be used in combination for different applications and requirements.

They are particularly reknowned for the Delmag Diesel Hammer, which are extremely rugged and reliable impact hammers. They are used for driving a variety of different types of pile including tubular piles, H-beams and sheet piles, as well as raking piles. They can also be used for the determination of the pile load capacity. Diesel pile hammers can be used in all displaceable soils.

Delmag hammers are single acting free fall hammers utilizing the principle of impact atomisation. The self-ignition of the compressed fuel/air mixture is used to fire the hammer. The pile helmet is pressed onto the pile before the piston strikes. Due to the compressed air in the cylinder, damage to the pile heads is reduced.

Modern Delmag hammers are equipped with an adjustable fuel pump for regulating the stroke of the piston and therefore the impact energy. This is a particular advantage when soil formations change. Optionally a hydraulically actuated fuel pump with infinite settings is available.

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DELMAG Diesel Hammers


Diesel Hammers

Delmag manufactures diesel hammers from sizes D6 (600 kg piston weight) up to D 200 (piston weight 20,000kg). Delmag Hammers can be attached to the front of the ABI Mobilram and Banut piling rigs as well as the Delmag RH range of drilling rigs, depending on the size of the rig and the weight of the hammer.

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Delmag Rope Suspended Leads


Lead Systems

Delmag manufacture a variety of hanging, swinging or offshore leads fitting any size of hammer and any particular job. In addition, Delmag offer different types of lead and hammer accessories including hydraulic starting devices, power packs and drive caps. Technical specifications are found in the Delmag Pile Driving brochure.

Technical Data

Case Studies

Below are a selection of job reports for previous projects using Delmag driving equipment:

Quay wall and deep water berth at Belfast Harbour

Tyne river crossing, Newcastle

UK Port and Harbour Developments

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