Delmag Drilling Attachments

Delmag drilling equipment can be paired with the RH rigs range, depending upon the technique being employed or specific site requirements. These include CFA Rotary Heads, DDK Dual Rotary Heads and Kelly Bars.

You can read more about Delmag equipment and it’s uses in the Delmag Systems brochure.




Kelly Bars

The Delmag Kelly Bar (one of their most frquently used options) which is a telescopic drilling rod, is used for Kelly drilling works to transfer the torque and pre-stressing forces to the auger tool. The length of the Kelly bar and the auger defines the maximal reachable drilling depth. The selection of the right Kelly bar depends on the drilling depth, the stroke of the crowd system, the inner diameter of the rotary head and the outer diameter of the connection piece.

Technical Data
Delmag Rotary Head


Rotary Heads

Delmag rotary heads can be used with a Kelly bar to drill cased and non-cased piles, with a CFA auger or with part and full displacement tools.

Delmag Dual Rotary Head DDK


Dual Rotary Head DDK

The characteristics of the Delmag DDK-System, compared to conventional double rotary head systems, are that the upper rotary head (auger drive) can be moved independently from the lower rotary head (casing drive). It is therefore possible to drill down in one pass, retract the auger, install the reinforcement and pour the concrete into a hole that is still protected by a casing. After pouring the concrete, the casing can be extracted using the lower rotary head, while the auger is still connected to the upper rotary head.


VDW Double Head

The design of the VDW head is specifically tailored to projects that require piling work to be undertaken in close proximity to site borders, or barriers or walls in-situ where there are severe space constraints. This is a highly prized piece of equipment when it comes to underground workings, particularly in urban locations where there is already much groundwork in place from existing and surrounding installations.


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