ABI Pile Driving Attachments

As well as rigs, ABI also manufacture piling equipment suitable for various ground work applications, including vibrators and their own Hydropress System.

You can read more about the equipment produced by ABI and it’s uses here in the ABI Systems brochure.


ABI vibrator MRZV-V
MRZV Vibrator Range

The MRZV-S vibrator is the ‘classic’ vibrator. It is renowned for being rugged, efficient and well suited to most piling applications, particularly for displacement piling projects.
The MRZV-V variable vibrators have an adjustable static moment feature and are typically used for driving and extracting a broad range of steel pile types.
The MRZV-VV vibrators are the very latest generation state-of-the-art units from ABI offering unique patented technology. They offer both variable static moment and variable frequency control of the piling process. Combined with clever electronic monitoring and software control systems these units deliver real commercial benefit to the piling contractor.
Highlights include: greater overall efficiency of the piling process; increased piling production rates; reduced fuel consumption; reduced noise levels, and reduced engine and hydraulic component wear.

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Clamp Assemblies

ABI manufactures a range of clamp assemblies to enable the full line of vibrators to work with a great number of pile types and sections. The clamp assembly shown here is the new Combi-Clamp unit. This is a fully adjustable twin clamp configuration on a caisson beam which permits a vibrator to work with pairs of U- and Z-section sheet piles together with a range of tubular piles sections. They can be readily adjusted at ground level with ease.

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ABI Hydro-Press System


Hydropress System

For static pressing of steel sheet piles where noise and vibration need to be minimized, the ABI Hydropress attachment can be used. Different models permit U-section and Z-section sheet piles to be installed/extracted.

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In addition to ABI manufactured attachments, the Mobilram can also be paired with other equipment.

Delmag D19 Diesel Hammer

Depending on the rig size and specific piling application several models of Delmag diesel hammer can be attached to an appropriate ABI Mobilram.
This can greatly assist with either the back driving of partially driven piles or the installation of load bearing piles to a required capacity.
Hammer models include Delmag D12-52, D16-52, D19-52, D25-32 and D30-32

Click to see the full range of Delmag Pile Driving Attachments and view the technical specifications for each model.

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Case Studies

Below are a selection of job reports for previous projects using ABI pile driving equipment:

Jetty construction, Grimsby Docks

Quay wall construction, Poole Harbour

Investigative Probing, O2 Arena, London

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