Delmag Drilling Rigs

Delmag RH18
The Delmag RH Rigs

Since the mid 1960’s, Delmag has been developing and producing hydraulically powered drilling rigs for the installation of shoring and foundation piles. In the year 2000 ABI took over the Delmag company and have continued to make developments and improvements. Delmag drilling rigs are renowned throughout the industry for being robust, rugged and reliable and are well suited for all types of drilling procedures.

For an introduction to the RH range of drilling rigs from Delmag, view the brochure here

Technical Data

Key features to highlight for Delmag drilling rigs:

  • Heavy duty rotary rigs offering excellent stability, high torque and high crowd/pull-out forces
  • Compact and very robust construction proven over many years
  • Reversing crowd winch provides significant crowd/pull-out forces to the rotary head over the full stroke of the entire leader mast
  • Crowd and Kelly winches mounted on the rear/bottom of the mast ensuring direct line pull within easy viewing/control of the operator.
  • Robust locking Kelly bars deliver the right combination of high torque and crowd force to the drilling face, precisely where it is required. Bars can be interchanged with certain other manufacturers.
  • Rotary head includes two speed ranges and a “rock gear” range for controlled interrupted drilling.
  • Robust parallelogram kinematics permit a broad working reach to be achieved with minimal operator adjustment.
  • Drill axis offset from face of leader mast permits large diameter drilling to be achieved with good clearance under the drilling tool.
  • Wide range of mast inclinations possible, up to 22°
  • The leader mast, with Kelly bar and rotary installed, can be lowered into the transport position for tracking under low headroom obstructions on site (bridges, power cables etc) then self-erected ready to work again (no de-rigging required)
  • Latest state-of-the art electro-hydraulic control systems with pile data logging, remote diagnostics and operator customisable controls.
  • Optional wireless remote controlled loading and off-loading of the rig from the low loader
  • Rapid docking system for the quick mechanical and electro/hydraulic connection of the rotary head to the leader carriage – very fast rigging/de-rigging times, clean and simple.
  • Full compliance with latest engine emission regulations.
  • Smaller RH models (RH18 and below) transport with rotary and Kelly bar already installed greatly simplifying and speeding-up the rigging/de-rigging times.
  • Applications include CFA, full/partial displacement, open or cased rotary bored piling, wet soil mixing, impact driven piling and CSP.
  • Specially prepared low headroom models are available for limited access project locations.
  • Machines are typically customised to suit specific customer requirements.
  • Excellent global support network.

Case Studies

Below are a selection of job reports for previous projects using Delmag drilling rigs:

New Development at Wood Wharf, Isle of Dogs

Bridge Foundations, Manchester

Need any advice?

If you require any advice regarding the types of equipment available for various applications, or identifying the best machine or attachment for your project, please call us on 01604 586960 and we will be happy to help.