CaseStudy: Basement Walls Construction, Central London

In early 2020 just prior to the start of the pandemic we were asked by Keltbray to supply them with a Delmag RH28 rig for a project at the junction of Finsbury Pavement and Ropemaker Street in London.  The site in central London had its challenges not least its proximity to both Network Rail and Crossrail stations at Moorgate, the London Underground Northern Line tunnels and pedestrian corridors, and Thames Water mains and sewerage tunnels.

In common with many urban redevelopments some demolition was required on site before work could commence.  Underground substructures, services and utilities added complexity to the project and required careful consideration at every stage of the piling operation, requiring regular site surveys to be undertaken.  As some of the previous foundations on the east side of the site were shallow strip foundations and not suitable to support the new construction it was decided to leave these in place and install the new foundation piles within the existing building footprint.

Once the foundation installations were completed the main construction work could begin. It was decided that a ‘bottom up’ method would be used rather than ‘top down’ because of the tight nature of the site, the restricted access, and the construction methods being employed.  The Delmag RH28 rig supplied by ABI Equipment Ltd was required for the installation of Ø1180mm piles to a depth of 40m for the formation of the secant wall foundations.

You can read the full case study here on our Case Studies page.