Case Study – Smart Motorway Upgrade Projects

The UK's motorway network is currently undergoing a major upgrade with the installation of smart motorway technology being installed.  This major infrastructure work has continued despite the challenges of Covid-19 and the global pandemic.

A wide variety of ABI Mobilrams have been used on these projects including the TM22, TM20, TM17, TM14/17VSL, TM14/17V and TM13 models with their respective latest generation vibrators and, where required, auger equipment.  In all cases the rigs have been used for the installation of steel sheet piles.  The work has been carried out alongside live motorways with the equipment often operating in restricted spaces.  Without the use of an ABI Mobilram there would have been no other efficient and safe way to have carried out these improvements.

The main work for the ABI Mobilrams was the installation of sheet piled retaining wall structures to create spaces for emergency refuge areas, gantries and other technology installations. The sheet piles ranged from the lightest ‘Z’ section AZ12-770 to the heaviest AZ52-700 piles, as well as some specialist HZM sections. Piles up to 17m in length were installed to depths of up to 12m.

Whilst working on these smart motorway projects the rigs encountered a variety of ground conditions from soft clays and loose sands to strong mudstones and sandstones. They were also working in narrow corridors, on steep slopes, near water courses, around bridges and tunnels, and adjacent to sensitive utilities - not to mention in areas with endangered wildlife and other sensitive neighbours!

You can read the full case study here on our Case Studies page.