CaseStudy: High Speed 2, Chiltern Line, West Ruislip

High Speed Two (HS2) is a major rail infrastructure project that will see the building of a new high speed railway line linking London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester with connections to the existing rail network. 

During the spring of 2021 an ABI TM22 Mobilram and a Delmag RH34 drilling rig worked together to install sheet piling on a site close Network Rail’s Chiltern Line in West Ruislip as part of the ground works for the High Speed Two Railways Line.

On one particular section the site team had found historic embankment stabilisation works where Ø1000mm limestone boulders were installed to a depth of 3m. The works required the installation of the sheet piles through these boulders and removal by excavation was not permitted. To do this Dawson-WAM engaged our Delmag RH34 drilling rig, utilising rotary bored piling techniques, to remove the obstructions.  The hole positions were then backfilled and compacted with piling friendly material in advance of sheet pile installation.

You can read the full case study here on our Case Studies page.