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ABI Equipment Ltd is the UK subsidiary of ABI Group, Germany. Each year the Group publishes a comprehensive newsletter available to it’s customers, employees and suppliers highlighting achievements, advancements and current projects involving their three major brands – ABI, DELMAG and BANUT.

This is a vital link for all of those with a common interest in the function, development and enhancement of machinery and associated technologies for the ground-working industry. Each issue gives insights into the most high profile and innovative projects undertaken using ABI Group products, as well as introducing new equipment models and talking about the diverse applications that our machinery is used for.

Below is the most recent issue of ABI Gruppe News – simply click on the image to view the pdf document, or scroll further down for back issues.

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If you have any questions about our equipment, require any advice regarding the types of equipment available for various applications, or identifying the best machine or attachment for your project, please call us on 01604 586960 and we will be happy to help.