ABI Gruppe News 2022

ABI Gruppe News Published for BAUMA 2022!

Exciting times for ABI Gruppe!  The cover of the latest edition of our popular Gruppe News shows one of several new and interesting innovations from ABI – the new MRZV 15SD vibrator.  This new fixed moment vibrator has been developed by ABI specifically for the vibro-displacement market, offering numerous operational and safety benefits.

The edition leads with an article on the launch of our new flagship TM26 Mobilram which has been unveiled today at the BAUMA show in Munich, Germany.  The rig offers high torsional strength and combined with its HD-plus kinematics, permits load capacities of up to 20,000kg.   The TM26 uses the state-of-the-art SR 45 carrier which has an EU Stage V compliant 563kW engine.  The new T51 undercarriage combined with a stackable counterweight system result in excellent stability for this new beast of a machine.

Also, in this edition ABI presents their next step in carbon reduction with their ongoing development of Hybrid technology.  The TM13 Hybrid is being shown for the first time at the BAUMA show.  An exciting development for the future this offers the possibility to significantly reduce Mobilram exhaust emissions even further than that which has already been achieved with our Efficiency Drive System.

You’ll also find an in-depth feature on the ultra-fuel efficient TM13 Mobilram.  This has become the rig of choice amongst many of ABI Equipment Limited’s customers in the UK with its powerful performance and incredibly low fuel consumption.

Finally, there are articles on Delmag drilling rigs in both low headroom applications and in double rotary operation (with a new spoil management system) plus a great article on our new quad-mixing soil mixing system.

To view the pdf file for the current edition of ABI Gruppe News please click on the issue cover, or you can request a hard copy by calling 01604 586960. Previous issues can also be viewed on this website in our News Archive.