Latest News from Thames Tideway shows ABI involvement in context

Watch for the rigs supplied by us at two of the major Tideway sites!

We have frequently reported - although possibly more on our LinkedIn page - about our involvement in the Thames Tideway Tunnel project, also referred to as London's Super Sewer.

This is a project to construct a 24km tunnel running beneath the bed of the River Thames itself which will carry away waste effluent as the existing Victorian sewer system struggles to cope with an ever increasing load. At present, when waste levels are high the excess has nowhere to go but to spill into the Thames as it winds through our capital city. This is quite obviously hazardous in many respects including being a risk to our health as well as the enviroment.

Our equipment has been hired out on numerous occasions and at various locations, including Beckton Sewage Treatment Works, Kirtling Street, Chelsea Embankment, Albert Embankment and Blackfriars, and we forsee our involvement continuing as construction progresses. This is a very high profile project, being the largest infrastructure project ever being undertaken in the UK, and to have been chosen to supply our specialist equipment to carry out specific niche works is indeed an honour.

This is the latest News video from Thames Tideway showing how the project is progressing; be sure to watch carefully and you will spot our rigs at both Blackfriars and Albert Embankment during the time lapse segment.

Happy viewing!