Behind every groundwork project is a whole lot of logistics!

It’s easy to forget that with each hire project our rigs and equipment are involved in, there is a whole lot more involved than just the groundwork! Each job has it’s own logistical challenges, quite apart from anything it may encounter whilst on site or during the work itself.

A whole team of unsung heroes are working together in the background to ensure our equipment arrives on site safely, on time, and in perfect condition.

Our team of professional service technicians at our Northampton depot inspect each piece of equipment before every hire. This ensures it is safe, compliant and in perfect working order. The rigs, accompanying attachments and tooling are then loaded for transport to site. We use specialist transport companies due to the size and weight of our equipment, much of it is classed an abnormal load and requires escort vehicles.

Liaison is key…

The journey to site itself can have its own logistical issues. From height, weight and width restrictions, site access times and residential considerations, to road closures, tolls and charges, all these need to be planned and arranged in advance. Our operational staff work with hauliers, clients, site agents, transport authorities and all the other involved parties to ensure that transport runs smoothly and without any hitches.

On arrival at site the equipment is unloaded and secured. Whether it is sunny, raining, snowing, day or night, even at weekends, the journey has not ended until rig, tools and attachments are off-loaded and in position on site.

The final stage before any groundwork can begin is to rig up the equipment. This might be carried out by our own rig operator, or in conjunction with one of our mobile service technicians. Invariably this has to take place exactly where the work will commence – be it on a beach, a marine platform or the hard-shoulder of a live motorway.

And then of course all of this needs to be done in reverse order to bring our machinery back home again.

Finally it will undergo a final post-hire inspection so that any remedial work can be carried out before the equipment is sent out once more for the next project.

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