Piling with Vibration – Specs for our latest generation of vibros

ABI Equipment Ltd offer a wide range of pile driving rigs and attachments.

ABI Group are pioneers in the field of piling with vibration, and their patented variable speed/variable frequency “VV” vibrators are universally popular with major construction clients.

ABI’s design and development concentrates on high frequency vibrators, meaning that they work above the natural frequency of the soil so only minor negative resonances are generated, leading to less disturbance of the surroundings.

They can be used in both cohesive soils as well as in weaker less cohesive soils, because both the amplitude and frequency of vibration can be adjusted ‘on-the-fly’ by the operator to suit constantly changing soil characteristics. This allows for greater control, higher production rates, tremendous gains in fuel efficiency and reduced emission whilst at the same time ensuring the highest quality of installation is achieved.

We recently received some glowing feedback from a client as to why their preferred brand of piling and drilling equipment is the ABI Mobilram range: “We like the ABI rigs as they offer Rapid Docking Systems for quickly changing between attachments (pre-augering, vibro driving and impact driving), and provide the most powerful, efficient and reliable vibrators on the market”… We have recently updated the technical specifications sheet for our patented variable moment / variable frequency vibrator – which you can download and view here.

We can supply a broad range of hired rigs from the versatile ABI Mobilram range, complete with accompanying “VV” vibrators and attachments to suit your specific groundwork challenges.

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