Delmag RH28 Rigs Prove Just The Job For Marine Projects

Last month we published a Case Study featuring one of our fleet Delmag RH28 drilling rigs at work in Brixham Harbour - well, we have just published another marine piling job report, also using a Delmag RH28 rig.

This latest Case Study is another instance where the power and strength of the RH28 was needed to drill into the tough bedrock in a marine environment - this time in the tiday estuary close to Plymouth in Devon. The project was to site piles to anchor a new pontoon structure at a sailing training centre. Our trusty Delmag rig was required because of the nature of the bedrock - tough slate and shale - which led to the decision by the contractor to create 'rock socketed piles' to ensure they were secure against both lateral and uplift forces.

As with every rig hire, we supplied a highly skilled and experienced rig operator - and it was his precise work that won the highest praise from our client:

"We would also like to say that the rig driver was outstanding for us and his professionalism when drilling the two rock sockets was instrumental in the success of the project.  Drilling conditions were not ideal due to steeply angled beds of shale and slate.  If not managed well, the drilling here could have caused us all sorts of problems. He was very understanding of the risks present and adopted a careful and patient approach which resulted in perfect rock sockets."

We like to think that it is not just the cleverly engineered equipment we offer that makes us a lead supplier in our niche - but also the quality and skill of our operators in using it, as well as our service personnel, making sure we deliver the very best every time - and this praise just goes to endorse this.

You can read the Case Study here.

Image courtesy of Red7Marine

Aerial view of the project.