It’s About Time We All Had A Little Good News!

There’s no escaping the fact that Covid-19 has brought great disruption to us all, so it is great to be able to spread a little positive news.

With the country beginning to return to something approaching normal it's good to see so many of our ABI and Delmag rigs out and working on a variety of job sites around the UK.

With the necessary safety measures and permission to operate severely affecting all areas of construction in one way or another, project sites around the country have been very quiet. So it is with much joy for all involved to see (and hear) our machinery back at work.

We currently have a large proportion of our hire fleet out and about, doing what they do best. From smart motorways to city redevelopments, ground improvements and foundation piling, we are happy to be able to show you this selection of images of our rigs at work over the last couple of weeks.