New CASE STUDY : Piling for Restricted Basement Excavation

Earlier this year in March we supplied a compact Mobilram TM 14/17 V, plus various attachments and tooling, for the sheet piling required for a new basement excavation.

What made this project one that stands out is the nature of the site itself. The location for the job was a small plot of land sandwiched between retail units on either side. The plot faced onto a busy main road in the outskirts of Manchester, and access was restricted to a narrow service road along the back of the high street shops.

Our TM 14/17 V is both agile and versatile, and was the obvious choice for a project of this nature. The previous building on the site had been demolished some time previously, and our rig was required to pre-auger the ground, and then install the steel sheet piles around the plot boundary, prior to the start of the excavation of the basement itself. Installation was done using both pressing and vibration techniques – and we were able to provide all the necessary equipment for this stage of the project, interchangeable on the one rig.

You can read the full Case Study here.

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