Brand : ABI

The name ABI is synonymous with the Mobilram telescopic leader rig system of driving and extracting sheet piles. Over the past 40 years this has revolutionised the driving of steel piles around the world. Until this invention, the installtion of sheet piles had always been carried out by means of crane suspended hammers and vibrators utilising temporary ground support frames – a relatively slow, cumbersome and expensive procedure. Known across the industry simply as ‘Mobilram’ this multifunctional rig is now used for driving and extracting all forms of steel piles as well as for a broad range of drilling techniques: CFA piles; Cased CFA piles; DTH Hammers; Soil Mixing; Full and Partial Rotary Displacement Piles. In addition to the rigs themselves, ABI also offer a variety of attachments for different drilling and piling applications – including attachments that can be excavator mounted for smaller jobs.

You can read more about the equipment produced by ABI and it’s uses here in the ABI Systems brochure.