banut logo trans bkgrd The Banut fixed leader mast is designed for pile driving. In particular it is well suited for driving pre-fabricated concrete piles as well as pipes, beams, sheet piles and wooden piles. In addition to using Banut hydraulic impact hammers, Delmag diesel hammers can also be attached to the front of the rig.

You can read more about Banut equipment and it’s uses here in the Banut At Work brochure.

BANUT 655 Fixed Leader Mast


Pile Driving Rigs

The Banut fixed leader mast combines high strength with great stability. They are also noted for their long usable length with compact transportation dimensions. Design features include the protected mounted winches in the carrier, and a light construction of the mast together with high torsional stiffness.

Banut SuperRAMXL Hydraulic Impact Hammer


Hydraulic Impact Hammers

Banut also produce their SuperRAM and SuperRAM XL impact hammers. These are simple, rugged and environmentally designed for driving applications such as impacting pre-fabricated concrete piles through to heavier steel cased piles.

Technical Data

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